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Your Psychic Toolbox

Here are some things that will help you on your psychic adventures.  Please continue to check back as tools are added.

Affirmations for Psychic Awareness

Remote Viewing Word Descriptors

Wishing Well

Zener Cards for Testing and Improving Clairvoyance

Remote Viewing Tool - What's In Your World?

The is to help you experience your physical senses more fully so that when you use your psychic senses you are better able to recognize what you are seeing and feeling and sensing.  Make it fun!  For example, how would you describe a teddy bear?  What about ice cream? 

Here is a list of descriptors from Ed Dames http://www.learnrv.com/ site.  It's excellent.  This is just to get you started.  You can add to the list as you sense new ones.  You can check out his site for more information on remote viewing.

Descriptor Word List


airy, bristly, bumpy, coarse, dimpled, edged, feathery, filmy, fluffy, fuzzy, gaseous, glassy,

grainy, greasy, gritty, hairy, hard, leathery, lumpy, matte, metallic, moist, mushy, oily, powdery,

prickly, resilient, rough, rubbery, sandy, semi-hard, semi-soft, sharp, silky, slick, slippery,

smooth, soft, spongy, velvety, wet, wooden


amber, beige, black, blue, bright, bronze, brown, dark, dim, faded, fluorescent, golden, green,

gray, light, luminescent, mottled, orange, pale, patterned, pink, purple, red, reflective,

shadowed, shiny, silver, speckled, tan, transparent, turquoise, white, yellow


acrid, aromatic, chemical, earthy, fragrant, fresh, moist, moldy, musty, pungent, stale, sweet


bitter, bland, chalky, chemical, fresh, metallic, rancid, salty, sour, stony, sweet, tart, wooden


ambient, arid, body, cold, cool, frigid, hot, humid, room, warm


banging, booming, buzzing, chirping, chugging, clanging, clanking, clicking, crackling, distant,

dripping, echoes, grinding, gurgling, high-pitched, hissing, humming, jingling, loud, mechanical,

metallic, muffled, noisy, quiet, rattling, rhythmic, ringing, roaring, rumbling, rushing, rustling,

scraping, splashing, squeaking, tapping, thrumming, thumping, tinkling, voices, whirring,



above, across, angular, around, back and forth, below, big, circling, circular, close, curved,

curving, cylindrical, deep, dense, diagonal, down, empty, enclosed, far, fast, flat, heavy, high,

hollow, horizontal, huge, in, inside, light, long, looping, low, medium, moving, narrow, near,

oblong, off, on, open, out, outside, oval, over, peaked, pointed, rectangular, round, scattered,

shallow, slow, small, spinning, spiraling, square, squat, straight, tall, thick, tiny, tubular, under,

up, vast, vertical, wavy, wide

Aesthetic Impact (AI)

afraid, alert, amazed, anxious, awed, bored, cheerful, confused, content, curious, depressed,

disoriented, dizzy, dreamy, excited, familiar, fearful, friendly, frightened, frustrated, happy,

impressed, interested, intimidated, intrigued, joyful, lonely, lost, nervous, observant,

overwhelmed, peaceful, pleasant, pleased, reflective, relaxed, respectful, reverent, sad,

shocked, surprised, tense, thoughtful, tired, unfamiliar

Affirmations for Psychic Awareness

Sometimes we just need a little extra help getting our focus on what we want, and how we want to be.  These affirmations are for general growth of your psychic awareness.  You are welcome to print out the PDF file.  Use them all daily, or maybe just choose one to focus on several times a day.  

Please be sure to sign up for my newsletter (it's free!) and receive an MP3 download of the affirmations in a form that will bypass your conscious mind and get these affirmations straight to your subconscious where they will benefit you the most.

You can download the PDF file here. 


Did you ever wish for - well, a wishing well?

Here is a cool site that has LOTS of neat stuff!  Even if you aren't into magic (I'm not), it still is a wonderful site.  Try out the wishing well.  The graphics will put a smile on your face.  It's a fun site!

Don't let the name of the site scare you off.  It's all about fun and feeling good about yourself and life.  



Zener Cards for Testing and Improving Clairvoyance

Zener cards were developed to test ESP skills.  They are fantastic at helping you improve your abilities.  You can see right away if you got a "hit" or a miss.  

Here is a site that will let you print off your own cards.  Check out the rest of his site while you are there.


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