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Posted on August 6, 2013 at 12:25 PM

When my grandfather needed to dig a water well, he used an ancient and reliable technique to locate just the right spot to dig.  The water he found was clean, clear and tasted absolutely wonderful to me. 

He is long gone, so I can't ask him about his search parameters, but I know that he used dowsing to locate the spot and where to dig.  Most dowsers now have specific parameters buil into their search question so they find exactly the information they want. 

If you are new to dowsing, I will write another blog post telling you about it, the kinds of instruments you can use, and the basics of how to dowse. 

If you already know what dowsing is, and maybe you have done a little yourself, then you might be interested in some tips to help you improve your accuracy.    These are things other dowsers recommend, or that I discovered through my own sessions.

  • Treat your dowsing tool like a good friend who only wants to help you get what you want
  • Program your dowsing instrument so that "it" is clear about how to search, what to ignore, and how to answer
  • Make sure you are hydrated when you do your session - drink some plain water
  • Put down your dowsing tool between target sessions and take a few cleansing breaths to separate the sessions
  • Make sure your questions are not only specific, but will give you the answer to the question you thought you asked
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Be in a positive frame of mind when you dowse -the higher your vibration, the better your results
  • Detach yourself from the question, and the answer
  • Do a little dowsing warm-up before you begin to calibrate your tool
  • Ask your questions out loud, as though to a partner or friend
  • Ask May I/Can I/Should I before you begin, and oly begin when you have a affirmative response
  • Don't stop your pendulum from swinging between questions, keep the energy flowing
  • Make sure your intention is only for the well-being of yourself and others
  • If you are a beginner, make sure you practice in a quiet place where you won't be interrupted
  • Have fun!

Dowsing is a wonderful way to get information, to find things, or to help you make decisions.   Use these tips to help you get better results.  And until next time...

Live happily psychic!

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