Telepathy and Empathy Are So Important in Times of Disaster - Do You Have the Skills?

Posted on April 30, 2011 at 3:54 PM

Can you connect telepathically with your loved ones in times of diffictulty?  Please learn! Here's why.

A few days ago a series of storms and deadly tornadoes hit the southeast USA.  I happen to live in north Alabama, which was hit the hardest.  It is one of the deadliest outbreaks in history. The death toll is climing past 340, with 254 in Alabama alone.

I know this is not a "happy" post, and there is an important reason I am writing this now.  You see, hundreds of people are missing.  Hundreds of thousands more are without power or phone, and cell phone service is often unavailable.  I am in that second category. Yet, in my area some of the power has been restored and I am able to get this out.

One by one I am able to find out about friends and loved ones.  Not knowing is difficutl.  I have not heard from everyone yet, but I do know that most of my loved ones are safe. 

I hope and pray that this kind of challenge never happens to you.  And if it does, how will you manage when you cannot reach the people you care about?  Can you reach them telepathically?  Will you be able to feel them with your empathic awareness?  Can you remote view their location and situation?

Challenges like this will test your abilities.  That's one of the reasons I began this site.  The more you are able to practice you skills, the better equipped you will be if you ever need to use them.  The more you have fun with your abilities the easier it will be to access them.  They will just come naturally. 

Let me give you an example from this week. 

My sister-in-law texted me that she might go to her mother's because of the storms headed our way.  I strongly encouraged her to go. Several times I asked her to go. In the end she stayed home. I finally let go of trying to persuade her to leave her place. I just left it in God's hands to take care of her.

My intuition had urged me to advise her to leave, but she did not take my advice. The only thing left to do was to pray and use my powers of intention - sometimes called remote influencing - to try to keep her safe.

I finally heard from her a couple of days afterward.  She said that she did hear the tornado - it makes an unmistakable sound.  She got on the floor and prayed.  The tornado jumped over her place and hit a half mile away, destroying several homes.  My sister-in-law stayed safe.

Now in hindsight it appears that my intuition picked up on the danger. Did my prayers and positive intention help keep her safe?  I believe so. And so did hers.  We both practice prayer, and have practiced positive influencing together on ocassion.  We know deep in our hearts that they work.

Now that the storms have passed, we all want to know that our friends and relatives are safe.  The problem is the inability to get communication established in many of the areas affected by the storms.  This is when we turn on our psychic senses to check on those we love.  And it does work!

I'll give more tips on this later. In the meantime, please practice what you know now, before you really need it.  Get a psychic practice buddy and have fun with this.  The rewards can be greater than you know!

Until next time, be happily psychic!


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