Can you talk to the elephants at the zoo?

Posted on April 22, 2011 at 2:46 PM

Yesterday I saw an interview with Reece Witherspoon about her role in Water for Elephants.  She trained with the elephant in the movie several months before filming.  She said it was an incredible experience.

That made me start thinking about the elephant I saw at the Memphis zoo a few years ago.  I don't know the elephant's name, but I felt a connection with her.  So when I woke up this morning the first thing I did - before I even got out of bed - was try to reach her telepathically.  I believe I did, and I was embarrassed to admit to her that I did not recall whether she was an African or Indian elephant. 

The elephant I reached was not interested in talking to me after that.  As a matter of fact, she wasn't interested in anything.  I felt numbness and intense apathy when I was connected to her.  That was not what I sensed at all when I was at the zoo a few years ago.  So, I thought I might have failed.

No.  I did not fail.  I did some research on the zoo after I got out of bed.  They do have African elephants there.  And they do have a female named Asali (also known as Lil One) who gave birth in July 2009 to a calf.  Two days later the calf stumbled and fell.  Asali tried to help it up with her trunk, but the calf was injured on her tusk and died shortly after.

I know now that I probably did reach her telepathically, and that is why she was so numb.  As a mother she must still be in mourning.  So please send her your prayers and love.

On a lighter note, while I was still in telepathic mode, I tried to reach an orangutan from the zoo.  I felt a much lighter energy, and got the name, Hermy.  I don't know how it is spelled.  I don't even know if I got a connection with an orangutan from the Memphis zoo.  I did feel that I reached one somewhere.

If you would like to reach an animal at a zoo, then it may help you to recall the visit.  Imagine how everything looked, how it felt, even if the day was hot, or rainy.  That is one way to get "in" with your animal. 

And remember, you may be a lot more accurate than you think you are.  Like with my elephant connection, you may get information that doesn't fit your idea of what you "should" receive.  That doesn't mean you are wrong.  You may just need to do more research.

Please let me know how your own experiences go!

Until next time, live happily psychic!


Charli Brightwell

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