Can You Find a Lost Treasure?

Posted on April 6, 2011 at 10:45 AM

I'm babysitting my 3 yr. old grand-niece and we're watching the Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer. Both shows have the crews searching for treasure. Of course, they all had maps to help them. But what if you don't have a map? How could you use your psychic abilities to find a fabulous treasure?

I bet if you think about it, you could come up with all sorts of ways to use your intuition. First, let's assume that we already know what to look for. Let's say it's your great-grandmother's ruby and diamond ring. It was lost years ago, and your great-grandmother has already deceased.

Imagine that it is a 5 carat ruby surrounded by diamonds. Beautiful, right? I bet that would really be something you would like to find. You would be motivated. And that motivation to succeed will help you strengthen your connections.

How would you use your psychic senses? Let's come up with a few ways now. There are lots of different techniques. I bet a private detective wouldn't just use one, he'd have a lot of skills in his toolbox to draw from. What do you have?

* You could just "tune in" to the ring and get a sudden "knowing" about where it is.

* You could use your clairvoyance and see where the ring is now.

* You could use your clairvoyance to see where the ring was before it was lost. Where was it the last time it was seen by your family? Then go into the future to see where it is.

* Use your clairvoyance to go into the future when the ring has been found again. Who is wearing it? Who has it?

* Close your eyes and use your senses of smell and hearing and taste. Are there scents or sounds around the ring that can help you find it?

* Use your sense of hearing to pick up what the people who have the ring - past, present or future - are saying about it.

* Use your mediumship skills to get in touch with your great-grandmother and simply ask her where it is and to help you retrieve it.Use your clairvoyance to look for the nearest identifiable object to your ring.

These are just a few ways out of many that you can use to locate the missing item with your intuition. After you pick up your psychically-obtained information, do a little detective work with your brain. Talk to other family members, bringing up your information in ways that can jog their memories without giving away what you are doing. These other people might be able to give you hints or information that will lead you right to it!

Most people think psychics are able to automatically "see" or "know" everything about the subject on demand. Every now and then it does work like that. Not usually. Most of the time we have to glean bits and pieces of data that our conscious minds can understand. The information IS out there for us. We just have to know how to interpret it.

Your conscious mind can be trained. The more you practice, the better you will get.

Before long you will be finding all sorts of lost treasures!

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