So You Want to Hold a Psychic Party?

Posted on April 2, 2011 at 5:56 PM

I have this strong urge to hold a psychic party with friends.  It's wonderful to get together with like-minded people and explore the psychic side of life.  If you haven't ever done this, well, you have missed a treat!  It can be loads of fun!

A party is a wonderful venue for exploring and honing your skills.  Have prizes for winners - maybe even a crown or tiara for the person who got the most verifiable hits.  Believe me, people will go all out to win that cheap toy from the dollar store! 

If you make it light-hearted and fun, your party will be a great success.  Take it from someone who has been through the intense, overly-political, jealousy-ridden group sessions.  That kind of stuff robs the joy out of it.  And don't you want to have fun with your psychic abilities?  Me, too!

Here are some ways you can make it more light-hearted.  Have everyone who attends come up with a fun pseudonym.  Make a name badge for each alter-ego and use that name for the evening.  Wouldn't you get a kick out of being known as "Omy T. Psychic 1?"  Or what about "Bubba Spoonbender?"   Maybe "Astral Travelpants" or "C. Clair Through U?"

You get the picture.  Make it hokey, make it fun!  Exercize your creativity as well as your psychic senses.  Maybe you can give an awared for the most creative moniker.

Now what are you going to do at your party?  Remember that we all are created differently, so not everything will appeal to everyone at the same time.  Some people may want to connect with other people's energies.  Some may have a preference for working with objects or events.  So have a little mix of activities.  But keep it down to two, and certainly no more than three.  You can always have more parties later, right?

Need some ideas for your party?  Well check out my next blogpost,  In the meantime, live happily psychic!

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