You CAN train your psychical senses by noticing your physical world

Posted on March 21, 2011 at 7:49 AM

Can you train yourself to be more psychic? You betcha! One of the best ways to begin is by increasing the awareness of your physical senses.

Many of your psychic senses are extensions of your physical ones. Clairvoyance is an extension of your sight. Clairaudience is an extension of your hearing. Clairsentience is an extension of touch.

You get the picture.

Perhaps it will help you to imagine a psychic or energetic body that is like your physical one, only without the physical limitations. Your energy body would not be bound by the same laws that govern the material world. Instead of being limited to the range of your physical eyes, you would be able to see what was happening clear across the planet, or the universe, or even through time.

In many ways the psychic senses operate like the physical ones. The only problem is that the mind must bring the data back to the physical for you to make sense of it. Your brain has to interpret the data from the energetic realms just as it must from the physical.

That's why you can train your psychic senses. Your brain has to have something to reference. It has to say, “Oh, this is what soft feels like.” Or, “This is what the color red looks like.” The process is much the same as when you were learning to make sense of the world when you were a child.

Only this time you have a distinct advantage. The brain must has something to reference to attach it's labels. And by the power of having lived in the physical world for the amount of time you have, you have a great database of experience to use. You just have to make your brain aware that you are looking for certain things.

Sometimes your intuition is going to give you the whole picture in a flash. Sometimes it will only give you bits and pieces. The more aware you are of the bits and pieces, the better you will be able to make sense of them. And the more you train your physical senses to pay attention, the more your psychic ones will, too.

So for today, just 24 hours, pay attention to the world around you. What is your co-worker wearing? What color is the car behind you at the stop light? What sound does water make as it runs through the faucet? How does that shirt feel on your skin?

Too often we get caught up by our thoughts and push the physical out of our awareness. In essence we train ourselves to ignore the data our physical senses are sending to our brains. By extension we are telling our brains to also ignore our psychical sensory data. The more aware you are physically, the more aware you will be psychically.

So for today, just allow yourself to use your senses. Pay attention to the world you inhabit. Allow yourself to enjoy life and it's blessings. You will be glad you did!

Until next time, live happily psychic!


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