Would you like to play a guessing game?

Posted on March 20, 2011 at 4:45 PM

I do hope you would like to play this game with me.  I posted a photo on my target (a target is what you are gathering information about, what you are intuiting) site.  Can you use your psychic awareness and tell me about it?  Can you guess what it is?  I hope so!  I'm eager to find out how well you do.

Use the target descriptor word list to sense aspects of this object.  This will help you learn to use your senses to gather information.  This list came from Maj. Ed Dames at LearnRV.com.  We'll get into what remote viewing is and how to use the word list a little later.  We're here to have fun, right?  Right!  So let's play a little first, then refine our skills.

Here is the list.  Below that I will have a link to the image.  I posted it on another site to make it easier.  All you have to do is click on the link provided.

You will see a series of numbers, two sets of four.  That is your target's coordinate.  The numbers have been assigned to that particular target (what you are trying to guess).  It cannot be anything else.  It's very unlikely that anyone else will have assigned that number to something different. 

Focus your attention on the target coordinate, Using the descriptor list, write down the words that come to your mind when you think about the target.  Go quickly, don't edit yourself.  We're just playing, right? 

Descriptor Word List


airy, bristly, bumpy, coarse, dimpled, edged, feathery, filmy, fluffy, fuzzy, gaseous, glassy,

grainy, greasy, gritty, hairy, hard, leathery, lumpy, matte, metallic, moist, mushy, oily, powdery,

prickly, resilient, rough, rubbery, sandy, semi-hard, semi-soft, sharp, silky, slick, slippery,

smooth, soft, spongy, velvety, wet, wooden


amber, beige, black, blue, bright, bronze, brown, dark, dim, faded, fluorescent, golden, green,

gray, light, luminescent, mottled, orange, pale, patterned, pink, purple, red, reflective,

shadowed, shiny, silver, speckled, tan, transparent, turquoise, white, yellow


acrid, aromatic, chemical, earthy, fragrant, fresh, moist, moldy, musty, pungent, stale, sweet


bitter, bland, chalky, chemical, fresh, metallic, rancid, salty, sour, stony, sweet, tart, wooden


ambient, arid, body, cold, cool, frigid, hot, humid, room, warm


banging, booming, buzzing, chirping, chugging, clanging, clanking, clicking, crackling, distant,

dripping, echoes, grinding, gurgling, high-pitched, hissing, humming, jingling, loud, mechanical,

metallic, muffled, noisy, quiet, rattling, rhythmic, ringing, roaring, rumbling, rushing, rustling,

scraping, splashing, squeaking, tapping, thrumming, thumping, tinkling, voices, whirring,



above, across, angular, around, back and forth, below, big, circling, circular, close, curved,

curving, cylindrical, deep, dense, diagonal, down, empty, enclosed, far, fast, flat, heavy, high,

hollow, horizontal, huge, in, inside, light, long, looping, low, medium, moving, narrow, near,

oblong, off, on, open, out, outside, oval, over, peaked, pointed, rectangular, round, scattered,

shallow, slow, small, spinning, spiraling, square, squat, straight, tall, thick, tiny, tubular, under,

up, vast, vertical, wavy, wide

Aesthetic Impact (AI)

afraid, alert, amazed, anxious, awed, bored, cheerful, confused, content, curious, depressed,

disoriented, dizzy, dreamy, excited, familiar, fearful, friendly, frightened, frustrated, happy,

impressed, interested, intimidated, intrigued, joyful, lonely, lost, nervous, observant,

overwhelmed, peaceful, pleasant, pleased, reflective, relaxed, respectful, reverent, sad,

shocked, surprised, tense, thoughtful, tired, unfamiliar

And here's your target coordinate.   5178 / 5689

Here is the url if the link does not work. 


Let me know how you did!

Until next time, be happily psychic!


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