What would you do if you had a "happiness-ray" gun?

Posted on March 14, 2011 at 11:09 PM

When  we were kids we played make-believe.  I used to pretend that I was Samantha on Bewitched.  I loved to go around turning everyday objects into wonderous magical things.  My favorite episode was when aliens landed in Sam's back yard and zapped grouchy people with their happiness-ray guns. Instantly they became smiling, happy, friendly people.   I loved that!

Many days I wished those "happiness-ray" guns really existed.  I'd have an arsenal of them!  It's too bad they only exist in our minds.  We can't use them there.

Or can we?

Consider the possibility that telepathy is real.  Imagine that you really can talk mind to mind with someone who isn't even on the same continent as you are.  How much more of a stretch is it to believe that you can influence people's thoughts and feelings with your telepathy?  We do it all the time face to face with people.  So why not mind to mind?

Wouldn't it be fun to use our own thoughts to help other people feel happier and more secure?  Sure it would!

Think about someone you are having issues with, maybe at work.  Probably the verbal exchanges between you are tense at best..  You might even get tense just thinking of that person's face, right?

Now imagine the person in front of you.  Only this time imagine that she or he is smiling.  Watch as she pulls a bouquet of lovely yelllow and white daisies from behind her back and hands them to you.  How do you feel now? 

I bet you feel surprised.  And as you notice that she is still smiling at you - a from the heart smile - you might feel a smile coming to your own lips.  It's kind of hard to stay angry at all that love, isn't it?

Guess what?  She just zapped you with her happiness ray.  And it worked for many of you.

If it worked for you as the receiver, especially when you were the creator of this scenario, then don't you think it would work at least as well if you gave the flowers to someone else? 

Try it now.  If  you really don't want to give them to your arch-enemy, then give them to someone you will see in the next day or two.  Don't say anything, just smile and present them with their gifts.  It could be flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, toy trains - whatever your imagination can conceive.

Then watch what happens.  If they ask you why you are doing this, just smile bigger and wink.  Then ease out of their minds.  Be sure to observe any feedback in the real world.

The next time you see that person she may be a little friendlier or helpful.  Or maybe more relaxed and open.  Or she may just looks at you with a puzzled expression.  That's when you know she has some psychic abilities herself.

Try this with your spouse or your children.  Use it with a friend who needs a boost.   Use it with customers you are going to see the next day.  The possibilities are endless.

If you need help with any of these steps, please let me know.  It's quick and easy once you do it a few times.  And if you can't do it, then just pretend you can.  Pretend it's working like a charm.  And in a snap it will be!

Until next time, be happily psychic!




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