Psychically Hunting for Lost Treasure? Will You Find It?

Posted on September 3, 2012 at 11:15 AM


When looking for lost treasure, do you know how to look?

You might think you are looking for what you want, but you may actually be looking for something else.

Tonight I saw an old White Collar TV episode about finding lost treasure. At the beginning our heros were looking for a missing Nazi submarine. They didn't know why the sub was important to the villain until near the end of the show, where they discovered billions of dollars of jewels, art and other valuables the Nazis were pirating away from Germany.

In the show there was a huge explosion. It appeared the treasure was blown to smithereens, but someone unknown had stolen it before it was destroyed. The viewer saw the treasure in a warehouse storage room, safe and beautiful.

Now if you were a psychic, what would you search for? The sub? What was valuable about the sub? And then when you knew there was treasure, what would you look for then? The whole of the treasure? A single painting by Rembrandt?

Let's say you used your psychic ability to discern the sub's value. Well, some people would claim the value was in its history, others would have felt it was in the technology of the time. Still others would say it was in the booty that was stolen from the Jews. If you went searching for a valuable WWII submarine, then you need to make sure you knew what value it held for your search.

And what about the art and jewels? Are you going to look for them? If you knew they were on the sub, and your guidance said the sub was in a specific area, you would have been correct. Yet the treasure was moved secretly and you would still be left empty-handed if your ultimate goal was to retrieve and sell those diamonds and rubies.

So what does that mean about your psychic ability?

What this means is that you must be clear about your target. If you want to be successful, then you must decide what you want. If you only want to know that you were correct, then you would ask for the most easily verifiable information. If you want the riches from the find, then you need to ask for something else when you set your target parameters.

Most people receive psychic impressions. Many are correct. The goal is to find useful information that will benefit both you and those concerned. That is what separates the experts from the masses!

Until next time, live happily psychic!

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