Does Being Psychic Make You Eat Yogurt?

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 12:40 PM

I know, I know, that sounds like a silly question.  But it really isn't. 

You see, when you are empathic, or mediumistic, or downright pychic in any way, you pick up signals from anywhere and everywhere.  Walking down the street you might hear a snatch of someone's thought.  Standing in line at the grocery store you make pick up the mental confusion of the elderly person who was there before you.  Playing in the park with a passle of children and puppies you may feel their delight bubble up inside.

And sometimes you get urges to do things that you aren't quite sure are coming from within you.  Like eating yogurt.

Now I do like yogurt, especially Greek yogurt.  And I have eaten a lot of it lately.  I even find myself getting a bit anxious when I don't have any available.  Now that's just plain weird for me.

Which is why I want to know the answer to the question. 

Does Being Psychic

Make ME Eat Yogurt?

Do I have the urge to eat yogurt because that is what my body is wanting?  Or is it because I have been watching Burn Notice a lot and I am picking up the character's yogurt addiction due to my empathic gifts?

The answer is unclear.  Maybe it's a bit of both.  So how do we know when we are acting from our connection to someone or something outside of ourselves? 

I'll have to get back to you on that one.

What I DO know for sure, is that we are responsible for our own actions and attitudes.  It doesn't matter what you pick up from someone else.  It's your brain, your body, your life.  Maybe I am picking up the character's (really the writer's) desires or emotions. But doesn't there have to be something already active in my own vibration to feel it so strongly?


So here is my soapbox spiel. 

No matter where or with whom you are, always, always, always question whether the feelings and thoughts you are thinking are coming from within you or from without.  I don't care if you are listening to political debates, or to your familyand friends, or even if you are in church.  ALWAYS do your own thinking!!!!  If it doesn't feel good to you, then change it in yourself.

These psychic gifts are wonderful, natural and to be happily used.  But, God gave us fabulous brains to use, too.  Curiosity, learning and thinking for yourself are right up there at the top of the gift list.  Use that fabulous brain for good!

As for me, I believe I'll keep eating the yogurt.  I like it!

Until next time, live happily psychic!

Charli Brightwell

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