Jumping to Parallel Universes - Is It Possible?

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 3:35 PM


String theory in quantum physics says that there unlimited possible universes.  What if every decision you make creates another branch off of your universal tree?


Supposeyou had a chance to major in biology, but you decided to go into accounting instead.  What would your life have been like if you had chosen the biology? Would you like to know?


Quantum Jumping is a technique developed by Burt Goldman. He says that in other universes you are a biologist, or a teacher, or whatever your heart was set on.  In his course you can meet the one of you that is most successful and bring back valuable information that will help you in this physical life.  In his course he guides you though meditative visualizations that help you meet your parallel Self mentally. 


One day I wanted to know if an activity would bring me the benefits I desired.  Using Quantum Jumping techniques, I decided o meet up with the ME that had done that activity and achieved success.  


I met my “other” self in my mind.  Once I connected with her, I was able to ask her questions and get advice.  I brought the information back to my physical reality and put it into practice.  It worked!  The information and advice were both practical and helpful.


If you don't believe this is all possible, that's okay. Maybe it is all in the imagination. But, the thing is, the imagination is a powerful instrument.  Inside of you are all the answers you could ever need.  Imagination is the key that unlocks the door to those answers and brings them out to you.


Quantum Jumping is lots of fun.  And you may find some inspiration that is perfect for you. So go ahead and give it a try.


Until next time, live happily psychic!


Charli Brightwell


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