Be a Psychic Investigator Right From Your Own Couch!

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 3:20 PM


Haveyou ever watched those psychic investigator shows on TV?  Psychics help the police find missing personsand solve crimes.  It's reallyfascinating to see the psychics work. They get visions, impressions and even sensory clues.  Usually on the shows they get bits and piecesof information which relate to the case. It's up to the police to actually solve the crime.


Here'sa way you could do your own psychic investigating.  Take a recent crime.  Follow it in the news and use your psychic abilities to get clues.  See if your clues match the case as it unfolds.


You can find missing children, or maybe solve murders or other violent crimes.  But please be aware that it does take a toll,and you will find that you might not enjoy the experience.  It may even cause you to lose sleep. 


If you want to be take pleasure from playing psychic detective, then choose to follow those mysteries that are not as emotional. Find stolen art.  Look for missing dogs.  Figure out who stole the school mascot.  It won't be emotionally draining and you will be able to sleep better knowing you are building your skills in a fun way, right from your very own couch.


So until next time, live happily psychic!


Charli Brightwell


P.S. Please leave a comment on Facebook, my blogsite, or even send me an email if you like this post and want to know more.  You can email me here.  [email protected].


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