Will An Apple a Day Make You More Psychic?

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 12:25 PM

Do you want an easy way to make better decisions? Use an apple!

No, I'm not talking about an apple off the tree, delicious as it is.  I'm talking about an intuitive tool that you can use any time any place.  All you really need is your imagination.

Here's the process.

1.  Form your question, "What will be the outcome if I..."

2.  Get the question clear in your mind, and detach from the answer.

3.  Close your eyes and take three cleansing breaths.

4.  Imagine an apple.  Just an apple.

5.  Ask your question, this time with the intention of the apple answering it.  Expect the best answer, and that it will be easily understood.

6.  Now notice the apple.  What is it doing?  Did it change size?  Did it move? If nothing happens within a minute or two, accept that as your answer.

7.  Write down your impressions.

8.  Compare your impressions to your question.

See?  Easy as pie!  I love this method.  I believe I got it from Laura Day's book.  It is one of the most helpful tools I know.

Give it a whirl for yourself.  Let me know how it goes.

In the meantime, live happily psychic!

Charli Brightwell

PS, Here is Laura's book. I love it.   Just click on the book and it will take you straight to Amazon. I do get small commissions from purchases which help to maintain the website. So, thanks for buying from the link!


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