Can You Remote View Numbers? Here's a Great Way!

Posted on March 8, 2012 at 7:00 PM



Most people have a hard time remote viewing numbers. I think it is because numbers are abstract, and systems vary so from culture to culture.


So what do you do when you want to remote view a number and the usual methods don't work? You associate the number with something that is easy to view, and then remote view that. It's called Associative Remote Viewing, or ARV for short..


Here's how it works. Let's say you want to look an hour into the future and see the result of a coin toss. You know there are two possibilities, either heads or tails. You assign a picture to heads, and another picture to tails. Let's say heads is a lollipop and tails is a teddy bear.


What you would actually remote view is the picture, not the coin. So what do you perceive?






 If you got information that indicated the lollipop - like flat, sweet, colorful, or round, that would indicate that heads is the result of the coin toss. If you got information that said soft, brown, no taste or scent, that would indicate that tails will be the result.


It's  much easier to use associations with senses than it is to accurately remote view concepts like numbers. Everyone understands sweet. Everyone understands soft. Not everyone understands money. (Just ask the IRS!)


So what can you use to remote view numbers? Try using your sense of taste or smell. I saw a video of a presentation made by one of the original remote viewers with the Army, Lyn Buchanan. (He has a great site. Check it out. Here's the link, http://www.crviewer.com/Lyn.asp).


Anyway, he talked about viewing numbers and gave his method of using the taste and scent. As I recall, here are his associations:

0 = vinegar

1 = sugar

2 = bubble gum

3 = beer

4 = chocolate

5 = mint

6 = coffee

7 = salt

8 = eggs

9 = lemon


Play around with the tastes for a while until you get the hang of using your imagination to pick up the taste of coffee on your tongue, or the scent of lemons. Play with all the tastes. You may think it's easy, but it actually may give you a little trouble at first. Don't worry, you are training your senses to work with your imagination. And vice versa.


In the next post I will tell you how you could use this technique to make a bit of money. Interested? I hope so!


So stay tuned, and live happily psychic!


Charli Brightwell


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