Can You Win $ Using Your Psychic Skills?

Posted on March 4, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery.  And people do win - big

Right now the MegaMillions is at $171 Million. That's a lot of moolah! What could YOU do with that? Buy a home? Car? Take vacations to exotic places? Tithe to your favorite charities?

Me, too!  And I fully expect to win the jackpot.  I see evidence from time to time that it is not only possible, but probable.  One time when I was doing a lot of work on my psychic skills I chose the numbers. When the next drawing was held I was floored - each number I chose was exactly ONE DIGIT OFF from the winning numbers!!!! Every single one!

Now tell me I wasn't picking up something from the cosmic flow!

And I have a few more stories like that. They all indicate that I have the potential to win big money.  So what can I do in the meantime? Here's something I could do.

 Win small, win often,

and enjoy every minute of it!

How do I do that? Well, the easy way is to go with Cash 3, then Cash 4 games in lottery states. In Tennessee if you win under $600, they can give you the winnings from a store that sells tickets. You don't have to go to the lottery office in another city to claim your money. You just get the cash from the teller.

In the Cash 3 game, just two quarters can win you $40 to $250.  Or you can double your bet and win from $80 to $500.  AND if you add the Lucky Sum, you could win up to $500 more!  That means you could potentially win $1000 from a bet that started with only a couple of dollars.

What if you could do that often, even consistently?  Yee-haa!!!!

Now, I am not encouraging anyone to gamble. It's even possible to pick the correct numbers without even putting out any money at all.  Simply play on paper. It's a fun way to build your skills, and you can get feedback quickly without it costing you a cent!

So how do you do it?

There are many techniques. But here is one called associative remote viewing, or ARV. (Please see my previous post for more information.) It means that you use a symbol to view the target* instead of an actual number.  The symbol is assigned to a number, so when you pick up information about the symbol, you just look on the list to see what number corresponds to it.

*If you recall, a target is what you are actually looking for, what you are remote viewing.  The better you can describe what you want to view, the better the chance you have of getting what you want.  Many times you pick up information that is accurate, but not what you are looking for.  

For example, lets say you were remote viewing this photo.

Now if your target was the pirate eye patch, and you picked up information about the candles on the cake, you would still be accurate.  It just isn't the information you are looking for.  So you need to be specific in what you want to get.

There's a problem with viewing numbers.  They are abstract, not universal experiences.  Just about everyone knows what it means to feel, to taste, to smell. Honey tastes like honey whether you are in Toledo or Timbuktu. See? Universal understanding. You don't even need words to describe your experience with it.

But numbers are different. So we want a different way to find our target.  We want to use our senses for this technique.  Taste and smell, and here are they associations we will use.

0 = vinegar

1 = sugar

2 = bubble gum

3 = beer

4 = chocolate

5 = mint

6 = coffee

7 = salt

8 = eggs

9 = lemon

Let's say that the number "9" is what we want.  In ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) we would not be looking for the number.  Instead we would be looking for the lemon.  You could use your other senses to percieve it, but to make it quick we will stick with the taste and smell. 

Tart, sour, citrusy.  All those descriptions fit the lemon.  And though vinegar is similar, they do taste different from one another. It won't be difficult to tell them apart.

Now that you have the lemon choses from your information, you just look at the list to see the number associated with it. 

Easy, peasy, right?

Every time you learn a new technique you may experience a learning curve.  If your accuracy rate falls, don't worry.  You only need to train the skill into your brain, like using a new muscle to do something.

So how can you use this to find the numbers in the Cash 3 Game? 

First you establish your target.  Think it's the 3 numbers?  Nope.  It's one number at a time.  And you would set up the target with a specific time AFTER the drawing.

Why after? A couple of good reasons.

First, because you would be looking into the future, but for an even that had already occured. You are looking for a done deal. It's already in the history books.

Second, because you are linking emotionally to the moment.  There is no emotion to the actual drawing. But to seeing that you are a winner?  Oh, yea!  Lots of emotion in that.  The stronger the emotion the more likely the information will get to you easily and clearly.

In Tennessee these are the drawing times, cut and pasted from the lottery site.


(All times are approximate)

CASH 3 Midday Monday thru Saturday 12:28 p.m. CT

CASH 3 Evening Every Night 6:28 p.m. CT

Here is how you would set up your target.  You would go from general to more specific.

First winning number/

TN Lottery/Cash 3Game/



Second winning number/

TN Lottery/Cash 3Game/



Third winning number/

TN Lottery/Cash 3Game/


Suppose you wanted to find the winning numbers from past drawings instead of the future? No problem. It's the same. And for practice it's great, because you don't have to wait for the results. You can get them immediately.

This is how you would set it up to see the Evening Cash 3 winning numbers from 03-08-12.

First winning number/

TN Lottery/Cash 3Game/


Evening Drawing/

7:28 p.m. CT

You would do the same for the second number, and then the third.

Just plug in the game information you want from your state, and have fun with it. Play on paper. No money necessary! But the excitement you will feel when you pick the winning numbers will be terrific. Let me know when you start jumping up and down because you are so good at this!

I hope you enjoyed learning about ARV and how you can use it yourself.  Until next time, live happily psychic!




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