The Nose Knows...Where That Trooper Is!

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Yes, it's true. My nose tells me when to slow down if I am going to fast on the road. It all began when I went to see a psychic.

Ginni is a wonderful person, and some of her predictions are astonishingly accurate. But

on one ocassion she advised me to drive more slowly going home.

And then she told me something that has stayed with me for years. She told me that my nose

would let me know when state troopers were out. I must have looked confused, because s...

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You CAN train your psychical senses by noticing your physical world

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Can you train yourself to be more psychic? You betcha! One of the best ways to begin is by increasing the awareness of your physical senses.

Many of your psychic senses are extensions of your physical ones. Clairvoyance is an extension of your sight. Clairaudience is an extension of your hearing. Clairsentience is an extension of touch.

You get the picture.

Perhaps it will help you to imagine a psychic or energetic body that is like your physical one, only without the phys...

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