Be a Psychic Investigator Right From Your Own Couch!

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Haveyou ever watched those psychic investigator shows on TV?  Psychics help the police find missing personsand solve crimes.  It's reallyfascinating to see the psychics work. They get visions, impressions and even sensory clues.  Usually on the shows they get bits and piecesof information which relate to the case. It's up to the police to actually solve the crime.


Here'sa way you could do your own psychic investigating. ...

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Can You Find the Easter Egg?

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Tomorrow is Easter, and we have lots of Easter eggs around the house for the little one to hunt.  So I thought it would be fun to hide an egg for you to find with your psychic senses!

Here's a picture of the egg I chose.

Then I found three cups and hid the egg under one of them.  Here is a picure of the cups.  Where is the hidden egg?


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Blind Questions Can Grow Your Intuition

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Blind questions can truly help you grow your intuition, simply by alllowing you to detach from the answer.  If you don't know what the question is, then you can't lead yourself to the answer you wish to it be, right?

Not knowing what the question is will make you pay attention to the information you receive.  Most of the time we get impressions that will help us, but we don't notice it.  And that creates a little more struggle in our day, and in our psycic development.

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The Apple Method for Predicting Stock Openings

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Sometimes a technique comes along that is so valuable, and so easy to use, that you know everyone would benefit from using it.  This is one of those!

I found out about this little gem years ago when I read Laura Day's book, Practical Intuition. Since then I use this technique frequently.  It is always helpful, and sometimes I receive insights that provide clarity I might not have otherwise received.

The beauty of...

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"Salvagers confirm silver-laden shipwreck found" - Could you have found this with remote viewing?

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The article read today that salvagers confirmed the shipwreck they found was one believed to have contained 7 million ounces of silver.  That would be worth more than $210,000,000 today.  What a haul!

No mention was made of how the ship was found.  Could you have found it with remote viewing or clairvoyance?  Why not?! 

Go ahead, give it a try.  Find something you thought was missing.  That will be the best way to have a feeling that you can do ...

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Do You Want to Play a Psychic Game?

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I love to play, don't you?  And when I can play psychic games I really get excited! I also get a little scared that I might not do as well as I think I should. 

The result of that attitude is that I don't do as well as I might if I didn't put that expectation of failure on myself.  So I give myself a little talking to and tell myself that it is only a game.  And I put a big smile on my face.  Pretty soon I start laughing at my own seriousness and start to have ...

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Can You Find a Lost Treasure?

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I'm babysitting my 3 yr. old grand-niece and we're watching the Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer. Both shows have the crews searching for treasure. Of course, they all had maps to help them. But what if you don't have a map? How could you use your psychic abilities to find a fabulous treasure?

I bet if you think about it, you could come up with all sorts of ways to use your intuition. First, let's assume that we already know what to look for. Let's say it's your great-grandmother's r...

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So You Want to Hold a Psychic Party?

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I have this strong urge to hold a psychic party with friends.  It's wonderful to get together with like-minded people and explore the psychic side of life.  If you haven't ever done this, well, you have missed a treat!  It can be loads of fun!

A party is a wonderful venue for exploring and honing your skills.  Have prizes for winners - maybe even a crown or tiara for the person who got the most verifiable hits.  Believe me, people will go all out to win that che...

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Would you like to play a guessing game?

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I do hope you would like to play this game with me.  I posted a photo on my target (a target is what you are gathering information about, what you are intuiting) site.  Can you use your psychic awareness and tell me about it?  Can you guess what it is?  I hope so!  I'm eager to find out how well you do.

Use the target descriptor word list to sense aspects of this object.  This will help you learn to use your senses to gather information.  This list cam...

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A Litte Remote Viewing Activity

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Great day, everyone!  I thought it was time for a new activity.  This one is about remote viewing (RV), or clairvoyance. 

I have a picture (no peeking!)  below.  Can you guess what it is?  Remember to use your senses and word descriptors to gather information.  If you get a hit - guess what it is - then you can have a big smiley!  :D

So scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the picure........

And until next time, be happily psy...

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