What's an OOBE Dream? And How Do You Know If You Have One?

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What's an OOBE? Or an OBE?  It's an out of body experience.  Astral travel is another term.  


Last night I dreamed of John Cena.  That was a new experience for me, as I know of him, but I don't follow wrestling so I have no attachment to him.  I just admire him for his charity work.  From the little I know of him he seems like a very nice man.


So what does this have to do with OOBE?  It's t...

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What happened to my blogpost?? Did it go out of body?

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The weirdest thing just happened. In the middle of posting my latest article - it just happened to be on out of body experiences - the writing disappeared!! Where did it go?

Personally, I wonder if it is having its own out of body experience.

When it comes back I will post it again for you.

Till then, live happily psychic!


Charli Brightwell

The Monroe Institute and Explorations of the Mind Kind

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Have you ever had a dream or meditation experience where you felt like you were no longer in your own body, but traveling "somewhere else" instead?  Maybe you were exploring the pyramids at Giza, or whooshing through space. 

That's called astral travel, or an out of body experience.  Most people think of them as OBE's.

Anyone who is familiar with the term has probably heard of Robert Monroe.  He founded The Monroe Institute (TMI) after researching the effects...

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2 Psychic Experiences Yesterday

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Do you have frequent experiences that prove the psychic world and/or the afterlife exist?  I do, and since I started this site the experiences are becoming more noticeable.  Maybe it's because I'm paying more attention, or maybe it's because I intended that the experiences be more objective so I could tell you about them.

Whatever the reasons, the results are happily, and definitely psychic!

Just yesterday I had two experiences that I wish to tell you about...

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